Douglas Coupland’s everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything

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Douglas Coupland's show at the Vancouver Art Gallery (@vanartgallery) is highly interactive. “It’s creatively satisfying to crowdsource objects,” the artist says. “In this show I have works made from crowd-sourced Lego, chewing gum, plastic bottle lids and cigarette foil. Anything can be beautiful.”

Visitors to the show have been encouraged to take pictures and share them with the #CouplandVan hashtag. “Much of the show is based on how we’re all collectively changing the way we see the world,” Douglas says. “Not allowing smart-phone photography seemed ridiculous. People focus in on what suits them the most. It’s interesting for me to see which slogans in the Slogan Room are posted the most.”

everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything closes on September 1.

Douglas Coupland… Literary & art crush.💗💗💗

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